Count Dracula, the vampire....................Max Schreck
   Renfield, an estate agent..............Alexander Grannach
   Jonathon Harker, Renfield's clerk...Gustav von Wangenheim
   Nina, his wife............................Greta Schroeder
   Westenra, Harker's friend....................G. H. Schell
   Lucy, his wife.............................Ruth Landshoff
   The Professor................................John Gottowt
   The Town doctor...............................Gustav Botz
   Captain of the 'Demeter'.......................Max Nemetz
   First Mate.................................Wolfgang Heinz

>From the diary of Johann Cavallius, able historican of his
native city of Bremen:  Nosferatu! That name alone can chill the
blood! Nosferatu! Was it he who brought the plaque to Bremen in
1838? I have long sought the causes of that terrible epidemic,
and found at its origin and its climax the innocent figures of
Jonathon Harker and his young wife Nina.

                     B R E M E N   1 8 3 8

            At the Home of Jonathon and Nina Harker
                     Harker leaves for work

HARKER:  (presents Nina with a bouquet of flowers)

                    In the streets of Bremen
                      Harker walks to work
                     An old man approaches

OLD MAN:  Wait, young man.  You can't escape destiny by running

HARKER:  (shakes the old man's hand and continues walking)

             At the Estate Office of Agent Renfield
                    Renfield reads a letter

The agent Renfield was a strange man, and there were unpleasant
rumors about him.

                          Enter Harker

RENFIELD:  Here is an important letter from Transylvania. Count
Dracula wishes to buy a house in our city.  It's a good
opportunity for you, Harker.  The Count is rich, and free with
his money.  You will have a marvelous journey.  And, young as
you are, what matter if it costs you some pain--or even a little
blood?  The house facing yours...that should suit him.  Leave at
once, my young friend.  And don't be frightened if people speak
of Transylvania as the land of phantoms.

                   At the Home of the Harkers

HARKER:  I may be away for several months, Nina.  Renfield is
sending me to some lost corner of the Carpathians.

NINA:  (looks worried)

Harker left Nina with his good friends, Westenra and his wife

                  Outside the Westenras' House
               Nina runs to say goodbye to Harker

HARKER:  Don't worry, Nina, nothing can happen to me.

              Harker mounts a horse and rides away


                    T R A N S Y L V A N I A

>From relay to relay, through the dust raised by the stages,
Harker hurried on.

            A coach speeds along rugged countryside

                         A Village Inn
      Harker disembarks from the coach and enters the Inn.

HARKER:  Dinner, quickly!  I should already be at Count
Dracula's castle!

              The inn patrons look away in worry.

INNKEEPER:  You must not leave now!  The evil spirits become
all-powerful after dark!

HARKER:  (chuckles to himself)

                      In a room at the Inn
                    Harker undresses for bed
           He reads from a book left on the bedtable

                    THE BOOK OF THE VAMPIRES
     ...and it was in 1443 that the first Nosferatu was
     That name rings like the cry of a bird of prey.  Never
     speak it aloud...
     Men do not always recognize the dangers that beasts can
     sense at certain times.

HARKER:  (laughs and goes to bed)

               Outside the window, a hyena prowls
                 Village horses scatter in fear
                 Village women cower in terror

                        Outside the Inn
                        A coach departs

                         LATE AFTERNOON
                  In the Carpathian Mountains
             The coach speeds along mountain roads

PASSENGER:  Hurry!  The sun will soon be setting.

                      AT DUSK THAT EVENING
                        At a crossroads
             The coach stops and Harker disembarks

DRIVER:  We will go no further, sir.  Not for a fortune!  We
will go no further.  Here begins the land of the phantoms.

            The driver throws down Harker's luggage

HARKER:  (Walks away, crossing over a bridge)

And when he had crossed the bridge, the phantoms came to meet

  Harker is met by a coach which carries him to Castle Dracula

                         An the Castle
            Harker is greeted by the Nosferatu Count

NOSFERATU:  You are late, young man.  It is almost midnight.  My
servants have all retired.

            He leads Harker to sup at a dining table

HARKER:  (cuts finger on a bread knife)

NOSFERATU:  Blood!  Your precious blood!

                    Harker warily backs away

NOSFERATU:  Let us chat together a moment, my friend. There are
still several hours until dawn, and I have the whole day to

           He leads Harker to a chair by a fireplace

As the sun rose, Harker felt himself freed from the oppressions
of the night.

                         Harker awakens
                 He notes two marks on his neck

                       LATER THAT MORNING
       Harker walks in the countryside around the Castle
      He finds a gazebo and writes there a letter to Nina

     Nina, my beloved-
          Don't be unhappy.  Though I am far away, I love
     you.  This is a strange country.  After my first night
     in the castle, I found two large bites on my neck.
     From mosquitoes?  From spiders?  I don't know.  I have
     had some frightful dreams, but they were only dreams.
     You mustn't worry about me.  I am leaving immediately
     to return to Bremen--and to you.

                    Harker stops a traveler
                and gives him the letter to post

As twilight came on, the empty castle became alive with menacing

                In the parlour at Castle Dracula
          Harker and the Nosferatu review legal papers
            The Count sees Harker's picture of Nina

NOSFERATU:  Is this your wife?  What a lovely throat!  That old
mansion seems quite satisfactory.  We shall be neighbors.

                   Count signs the documents

                           THAT NIGHT
                      In Harker's Bedroom
                Harker packs away Nina's picture
               He finds The Book of the Vampires
                         and reads more

     Nosferatu drinks the blood of the young, the blood
     necessary to his own existence.
     One can recognize the mark of the vampire by the trace
     of his fangs on the victim's throat.

HARKER:  (peeks out his bedroom door)

COUNT:  (stands motionlessly at the end of the hall)

HARKER:  (quickly closes his bedroom door, looks out the window
at the river far below, and climbs into his bed)

                        Enter the Count

That same night in Bremen, in a somnabulistic dream...

                  At the home of the Westenras

NINA:  (awakens in a trance and walks out to the terrace)

                        Westenra follows


               Nina collapses in Westenra's arms
                         Enter servant

WESTENRA:  The doctor, quickly!

                        LATER THAT NIGHT
             In Harker's Bedroom in Castle Dracula
         The Count advances on Harker as he lies asleep

                  In Nina's Bedroom in Bremen
                 The doctor, Westenra and Lucy
                 stand over Nina as she sleeps

NINA:  (suddenly sitting up)  Jonathon!  Jonathon!  Hear me!

                         MOMENTS LATER
             In Harker's Bedroom in Castle Dracula
          The Count turns from Harker's sleeping body
                         Exit the Count

                  In Nina's Bedroom in Bremen

NINA:  (sighs relief and returns to sleep)

DOCTOR:  A sudden fever.

The doctor laid Nina's trance to some unknown disease.  Since
then I have learned that she had sensed the menace of Nosferatu
that very night.  And Harker, far away, had heard her cries of

                        THE NEXT MORNING
             In Harker's Bedroom at Castle Dracula
                         Harker awakens
       He rushes from his bedroom out into the courtyard
                    and wanders into a crypt
              He finds the Count lying in a coffin
                     Exit Harker, horrifed

                       EARLY THAT EVENING
              Harker looks out his bedroom window
    He sees the Count loading coffins on a horse-drawn cart

COUNT:  (climbs into a coffin and closes the lid)

              Exit horses, cart, coffins and Count

HARKER:  (Makes a rope from a bedsheet and climbs out window)

  Harker falls to the ground below and is knocked unconscious

                          THE NEXT DAY
            A cargo-bearing raft floats down a river

The men little suspected what terrible cargo they were carrying
down the valley.

                       SEVERAL DAYS LATER
          In a hospital room somewhere in Transylvania
        A nurse and doctor tend to Harker at his bedside

NURSE:  Some peasants brought him here last evening.  He still
has a high fever.

HARKER:  (leaps up suddenly)  Coffins!  Coffins filled with

                         In a shipyard
                Sailors load crates onto a ship
      Tipping over one crate, they find only dirt and rats

Nosferatu was en route; and with him disaster approached Bremen.
 At the same time, Dr. Van Helsing was giving a course on the
secrets of nature and their strange correspondences to human
life.  The professor told his students about the existence of a
carnivourous plant.


                          B R E M E N

               Professor Van Helsing's Laboratory
             Van Helsing and four colleagues watch
                as a Venus flytrap traps a fly.

VAN HELSING:  Astonishing, isn't it, gentlemen?  That plant is
the vampire of the vegetable kingdom.

Nosferatu held Renfield under his influence from afar.

                       At the Sanatarium
           An attendant enters the doctor's quarters

ATTENDANT:  That patient who was brought in yesterday has gone
out of his mind!

              In Renfield's cell at the Sanatarium
                   Enter Doctor and Attendant

RENFIELD:  (catches and eats flies)  Blood!  Blood!

                    Renfield leaps at Doctor
                   Attendant subdues Renfield

                  In Van Helsing's Laboratory
          Van Helsing and colleagues peer into a tank

VAN HELSING:  And now, gentlemen, here is another type of
vampire:  a polyp with claws...transparent, without substance,
almost a phantom.

Nina was often seen alone among the dunes, watching and waiting
for her husband's return.

                On the dunes overlooking the sea
            Nina sits on a bench looking out to sea.
       Lucy and Western bring Nina the letter from Harker

      In Harker's Hospital Room Somewhere in Transylvania
         Harker dresses for his journey back to Bremen

                        AT THE SAME TIME
         In Renfield's Cell at the Sanatarium in Bremen
       Renfield unfolds a newspaper clipping and reads it

                   A  mysterious  epidemic of
                   the plaque  has broken out
                   in eastern Europe  in  the
                   port  cities  of the Black
                   Sea, attacking principally
                   the  young  and vigourous.
                   Cause  of the  two  bloody
                   marks  on the neck of each
                   victim baffles the medical

RENFIELD:  (laughs)

Aboard the Demester, first one man was stricken, then all.

                   In the hold of the Demeter
                 Captain tends to a sick sailor
              The Count appears briefly then fades

One evening at sundown, the captain and his first mate buried
the last man of the crew.

                   On the deck of the Demeter
          Captain and first mate toss a body overboard

FIRST MATE:  I am going below.  I want to have a look in the

                   In the hold of the Demeter
       First mate sees the Nosferatu rise from his coffin

FIRST MATE:  (rushes topside and leaps overboard)

CAPTAIN:  (ties himself to the sterring wheel)

              The Nosferatu approaches the Captain

Despite all sorts of obstacles, Harker pushed on towards Bremen.
 Meanwhile, driven by the fatal breath of the vampire, the
vessel moved rapidly towards the Baltic.

                           ONE NIGHT
                    At the Westenras' House
                 Nina sleepwalks to the terrace
                       Lucy follows Nina

NINA:  He's coming.  I must go to meet him.

                     In the Bremen Harbour
                  The Demeter sails into port

              In Renfield's Cell at the Sanatarium
           Renfield attempts to climb out his window

RENFIELD:  The Master is coming!  The Master is here!

                        Renfield escapes

I have long tried to understand why Nosferatu travelled with the
earth-filled coffins.  Recently I discovered that to preserve
their diabolic power, vampires must sleep during the day in the
same unhallowed ground in which they had been buried.

         The Count carries his coffin from the harbour
             to his newly-purchased house in Bremen

                    At the Westenras' House
               Harker returns and is met by Nina

NINA:  Jonathon!  Thank God you are safe!  Now I feel that I too
have been saved!

                        THE NEXT MORNING
                     In the Bremen Harbour
                  Officials search the Demeter
             The captain is found dead at the wheel

OFFICIAL:  We couldn't find a single living soul on board!

           A second official discovers the Ship's Log

                  Ship's Log - Varna to Bremen
                                       24 April 1838
     Passed the Dardanelles - East wind - Carrying 5
     passengers, mate, crew of 7, and myself, the Captain.

                                          6 May 1838
     Rounded Cape of Inatagran - One of my men, the
     strongest, is sick - Crew is restless, uneasy.

                                          7 May 1838
     Mate reported stowaway hiding below decks - Will

                                         18 May 1838
     Passed Gibraltar - Panic on board - Three men dead
     already - Mate out of his mind - Rats in the hold - I
     fear the plague.

BURGOMASTER:  The plague is here!  Stay in your houses!

                          HOURS LATER
               In the deserted streets of Bremen
                    Towncrier reads a notice

                  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ NOTICE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
               To halt the spread of the plague,
               the Burgomaster of Bremen forbids
               the citizens of this city to bring
                  their sick to the hospitals
                     until further notice.

Nina had promised her husband never to open The Book of the
Vampires, but she found herself unable to resist the temptation.

               In the living room of the Harkers
            Nina reads from The Book of the Vampires

     One can recognize the mark of the vampire by the trace
     of his fangs on the victim's throat.
     Only a woman can break his frightful spell--a woman
     pure in heart--who will offer her blood freely to
     Nosferatu and will keep the vampire by her side until
     after the cock has crowed.

                          Enter Harker

NINA:  (pointing out the window to the mansion across the
street)  Look!  Every night, in front of me!

The townspeople lived in mortal terror. Who was sick or dying?
Who will be stricken tomorrow?

                     At the Harkers' House
                     Nina lies sick in bed

HARKER:  Don't be frightened.  I will get the professor.

                          Exit Harker
                   Nina looks out the window
     at the line of coffins being carried along the street
            She reads from The Book of the Vampires

     Only a woman can break his frightful spell--a woman
     pure in heart--who will offer her blood freely to
     Nosferatu and will keep the vampire by her side until
     after the cock has crowed.

                     Outside the Sanatarium
                Two old women talk to each other

OLD WOMAN:  They saw him escape.  He strangled his keeper.

        Renfield runs down an alley, pursued by a crowd
                     He climbs onto a roof
                 The crowd throws rocks at him
            He climbs down and runs outside of town
                       The crowd pursues

                           THAT NIGHT
                    In the Harkers' Bedroom
      Nina is awakened by the Nosferatu outside her window
                      She opens the window
           Harker awakens and Nina faints in his arms

HARKER:  The professor!  Call the professor!

                          Exit Harker
                      Enter the Nosferatu

                        THE NEXT MORNING
                    In the Harkers' Bedroom
                         The cock crows
      The Nosferatu looks up from drinking at Nina's neck

              In Renfield's Cell at the Sanatarium

RENFIELD:  Master!  Master!  Beware!

                   Outside the Harkers' House
                 Harker and Van Helsing arrive

                    In the Harkers' Bedroom
              Sunlight sweeps across the buildings
              across the street from Nina's window
  Nosferatu attempts to escape but is touched by the sunlight
                 He vanishes in a puff of smoke

              In Renfield's Cell at the Sanatarium

RENFIELD:  The Master is dead.

                    In the Harkers' Bedroom
                          Nina awakens
                          Enter Harker

NINA:  Jonathon!

           Harker takes Nina in his arms as she dies

And at that moment, as if by a miracle, the sick no longer died,
and the stifling shadow of the vampire vanished with the morning

                            THE END