This script was transcribed by BJ Kuehl.  Any corrections
should be sent to her at bj(at)

                     BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA
               (Directed by Francis Ford Coppola)

      Dracula..................................Gary Oldman
      Mina Murray/Elisabeta...................Winona Ryder
      Abraham Van Helsing..................Anthony Hopkins
      Dr. Jack Seward.....................Richard E. Grant
      Lord Arthur Holmwood......................Cary Elwes
      Quincey P. Morris......................Bill Campbell
      Lucy Westenra............................Sadie Frost
      R.M. Renfield..............................Tom Waits

                    T R A N S Y L V A N I A

                         Castle Dracula
                      The Year:  1462 A.D.

                 Medieval Romanian Battlefield
                   Draculea kisses a crucifix

DRACULEA (translation):  God be praised!  I am victorious!
(Elisabeta's face comes into his mind)  Elisabeta!


                 Draculea returns to the castle
            Elisabeta lies dead on the chapel floor

SUICIDE NOTE FROM ELISABETA (translation):  My prince is dead.
All is lost without him.  May God unite us in heaven.

BISHOP (translation):  She has taken her own life.  Her soul
cannot be saved.  She is damned.  It is God's Law.

DRACULEA (translation):  Nooo!  Is this my reward for defending
God's church?

BISHOP (translation):  Sacrilege!

DRACULEA (translation):  I renounce God!  I shall rise from my
own death to avenge hers with all the powers of darkness!

        Draculea stabs at the altar cross with his sword
     Blood pours from the cross, from the eyes of statues,
                     and from candle flames
     Draculea fills a chalice with the blood and drinks it

DRACULEA (translation):  The blood is the life and it shall be

                 Blood covers the chapel floor


                          1 8 9 7 A.D.
                     (Four centuries later)

                         E N G L A N D

                          LATE EVENING
                 Carfax District Lunatic Asylum
                        Renfield's Cell

RENFIELD:  I've done everything that you asked, Master.  All the
preparations are in order.  (He reaches for a fly on the
ceiling.)  I await your command for I know that, when the
rewards are given, I will be one of those who benefits from your
generosity.  (He eats the fly).  Thank you.

                        THE NEXT MORNING
             The Law Firm of Hawkins and Thompkins
       Mr. Hawkins speaks with law clerk Jonathan Harker

HAWKINS:  Gone mad.  Renfield is deranged.  He's lost his greedy
mind, poor chap.  I want you to take over for his foreign
client, this rather eccentric Count Dracula.  He's buying up
property around London.

HARKER:  Of course, sir.  I will tend to the Count.  Thank you
for your confidence.

HAWKINS:  This is a great opportunity for you, Harker, but you
will have to leave for Transylvania immediately.  Opportunities
such as this come but once in a lifetime.

HARKER:  Yes, of course, sir.  If I may inquire, what in fact
happened to Mr. Renfield in Transylvania?

HAWKINS:  Nothing, nothing.  Personal problems.  Close these
transactions and your future with this firm is assured.

HARKER:  Yes, sir.  I will give it my full attention.

                        THE NEXT MORNING
       The Garden at Hillingham Estate (Faversham, Kent)
             Harker speaks with fiancee Mina Murray

MINA:  We've waited this long, haven't we?

HARKER:  We can be married when I return.

MINA:  Of course.

HARKER:  I'll write.

MINA:  Jonathan, Jonathan, I love you.

HARKER:  I love you, Mina.

                       They kiss goodbye


                       SEVERAL DAYS LATER

                    T R A N S Y L V A N I A

                           On a Train
                  Harker writes in his journal

JONATHAN HARKER'S JOURNAL, 25th May, Buda-Pesth:  Left
Buda-Pesth early this morning.  The impression I had was that we
were leaving the west and entering the east.  The district I am
to enter is in the extreme east of the country, just on the
borders of three states--Transylvania, Moldavia and Bukovina, in
the midst of the Carpathian Mountains, one of the wildest and
least known portions of Europe.

                  He opens and reads a letter

Welcome to the Carpathians.  I am anxiously expecting you.  At
the Borgo Pass, my carriage will await you and bring you to me.
I trust your journey from London has been a happy one and that
you will enjoy your stay in my beautiful land.  Your friend, D.

MINA MURRAY'S DIARY, 25th May:  My dear Jonathan has been gone
almost a week and, although I was disappointed we could not
marry before his departure, I am happy that he got sent on this
important assignment.  I am longing to hear all the news.  It
must be so nice to see strange countries.  I wonder if we, I
mean Jonathan and I, shall ever see them together?

                           Borgo Pass
            Jonathan Harker disembarks from a coach

HARKER:  We're early, driver.  No one is here.

           A fellow passenger hands Harker a crucifix

GIRL (translation):  For the dead travel fast.

 The passenger coach speeds away as Dracula's coach approaches
       The coachdriver bids Harker to enter and sit down
           The coach speeds away, followed by wolves

HARKER:  I say, is the castle far?

COACHDRIVER:  (No answer)

   The coach speeds up a narrow crag toward Dracula's castle
            It passes through a circle of blue fire
               Harker disembarks in the courtyard
     As Harker approaches the castle doors, they swing open
        An old man bearing a lantern enters the chamber

DRACULA:  Welcome to my home.  Enter freely of your own will and
leave some of the happiness you bring.

HARKER:  Count Dracula?

DRACULA:  I am Dracula, and I bid you welcome, Mr. Harker, to my
house.  Come in.

                Harker steps over the threshhold
             Dracula leads him into the dining room

DRACULA:  You will, I trust, excuse me that I do not join you
but I have already dined and I never

                      Harker begins to eat
            He motions toward a portrait on the wall

HARKER:  An ancestor?  I see a resemblance.

DRACULA:  The Order of the Dracul...the ancient
society pledging my forefathers to defend the church against all
enemies of Christ.  That relationship was not entirely

HARKER (slightly snickering):  Oh, yes.

       Dracula angrily grabs a sword, swings it overhead
                  and points the tip at Harker

DRACULA:  It is no laughing matter.  We Draculs have a right to
be proud.  What devil or witch was ever so great as Attila whose
blood flows in these veins?  Blood is too precious a thing in
these times.  The warlike days are over.  The victories of my
great race are but a tale to be told.  I am the last of my kind.

HARKER:  I have offended you with my ignorance, Count.  Forgive

                 The Library at Castle Dracula
        Dracula affixes his seal to the deed of purchase

DRACULA:  I do so long to go through the crowded streets of your
mighty London, to be in the midst of the whirl and the rush of
humanity, to share its life, its changes, its deaths.

            Harker affixes his signature to the deed

HARKER:  There.  You, Count, are the owner of Carfax Abbey in
Purfleet.  Congratulations.

DRACULA:  Your firm writes most highly of your talents.  They
say you are a man of good taste and that you are a worthy
substitute to your predescessor, Mr. Renfield.

HARKER:  You may rely on me, Count.  Forgive my curiosity but
why 10 houses in such precise locations around London?  Is it to
raise the market value?

          Dracula picks up Harker's photograph of Mina

DRACULA:  Do you believe in destiny, that even the powers of
time can be ordered to a single purpose?  The luckiest man who
walks on this earth is the one who finds true love.

HARKER:  You found Mina.  I thought she was lost.  We're to be
married as soon as I return.  Are you married, Count?

DRACULA:  (no answer)

HARKER:  Sir, are you married?

DRACULA:  I was married once...ages ago it seems.  She died.

HARKER:  Oh, I'm very sorry.

DRACULA:  She was fortunate. My life at its best is a mystery.
She will no doubt make a devoted wife and you a faithful
husband.  Come, write now, my friend, to your firm and to any
loved ones and say that it should please you to stay with me
until a month from now.

HARKER:  A month?  Do you wish me to stay so long?

DRACULA:  I will take no refusal.


                        FIVE DAYS LATER

                         E N G L A N D

                The Parlour at Hillingham Estate
                      Mina types her diary

MINA MURRAY'S DIARY, 30th May:  I know that Jonathan does not
want me to stay here with Lucy while he is away.  I thinks that
if I become accustomed to the wealth and privileges of the
Westenra family, I will not be content as the wife of a mere
clerk in a law firm.  But Lucy and I have been friends since we
were children and she has never minded that I'm only a school

       She sneaks a peek at a drawing from Arabian Nights

MINA:  How disgustingly awful!

                      Enter Lucy Westenra

LUCY:  Mina!  Mina!  Oh, Mina, you're always working.  Is your
ambitious Jon Harker forcing you to learn that ridiculous
machine when he could be forcing you to perform unspeakable acts
of desparate passion on the parlour floor?

MINA:  Lucy, really!  You shouldn't talk about my fiance in such
a way.  There's more to marriage than carnal pleasure.

         Mina stands up, knocking the book on the floor

LUCY:  Oh, Mina, so I see--much, much more.  Oh?  Oh!  That's...

              Mina and Lucy page through the book

MINA:  What?  What is it, Lucy?  I certainly don't understand
it.  Can a man and a woman really do that?

LUCY:  I did only last night.

MINA:  Fibber, you did not.

LUCY:  Yes, I did, well, in my dreams.  Jonathan measures up,
doesn't he?  You can tell Lucy.

MINA:  We've kissed.  That's all.  He thinks he's too poor to
marry me.  And it's all the worst now that I'm here visiting you
at Hillingham, my rich friend.

LUCY:  Yes, but not even one marriage proposal.  Here I am,
almost 20, practically a hag!

                       EARLY THAT EVENING
            Lucy and Mina watch party guests arrive

BUTLER:  Mr. Quincey P. Morris.

                    Enter Quincey P. Morris

MINA:  Look.  What is that?

LUCY:  A Texan...Quincey P. Morris.  He's so young and fresh,
like a wild stallion between my legs.

MINA:  You're positively indecent!

LUCY:  I just know what men desire.  Watch.

                     Lucy approaches Morris

LUCY:  Quincey, darling.

MORRIS:  Miss Lucy.  Why you're as fresh as the spring rain.

LUCY:  Oh, thank you.  (She runs her hands over Morris)  Oh,
Quincey, please let me touch it.  It's so big!

     Lucy winks at Mina and pulls out Morris's Bowie knife

MORRIS:  Little girl.  Oh, my dear sweet little girl.  I hold
your hand and you've kissed me...

BUTLER:  Dr. Jack Seward.

                     Enter Dr. Jack Seward
                      Lucy runs to Seward

LUCY:  Jack!  Oceans of love!

                Seward trips over a bearskin run

LUCY:  Oh, Jack, my darling!  Oh, poor little baby.  Come over
here.  Come over here and I'll kiss it better.  My poor little
blossom.  My poor little doctor.  Really, doctor.  What a
naughty bear.  Let me feel...

BUTLER:  Arthur Holmwood, Esquire.

                   Enter Lord Arthur Holmwood
                     Lucy runs to Holmwood

LUCY:  Arthur!  Oh, my darling.  Oh, you look wonderful.  Like
my dress?  It's my snake dress.

               Seward and Morris greet each other
                and sit side-by-side on a couch

SEWARD:  Quincey.

MORRIS:  Jack.

       Seward stands up and hands Morris his squashed hat

SEWARD:  So sorry about your hat.

MINA MURRAY'S DIARY:  Lucy is a pure and virtuous girl, but I
admit that her free way of speaking shocks me sometimes.
Jonathan says it's a defect of the aristocracy that they say
what they please.  The truth is that I admire Lucy, and I'm not
surprised that men flock around her.  I wish I were as pretty
and as adored as she.

                     Enter Dracula's shadow

                       LATER THAT EVENING
                 Carfax District Lunatic Asylum

manner of man is this?  R. M. Renfield, successful solicitor in
the firm of Hawkins and Thompkins, respected member of the Lord
Nugent's Wyndham Club.  Returns from business abroad in
Transylvania.  Promptly suffers a complete mental breakdown.
He's now obsessed with some bloodlust.

                 Seward enters Renfield's cell

SEWARD:  George, wait here.

Renfield holds out a plate of grubs, flies, ants, beetles and

RENFIELD:  Would you care for an hors d'oeuvre, Dr. Seward, or a

SEWARD:  No, thank you, Mr. Renfield.  How are you feeling

RENFIELD:  Far better than you, my lovesick doctor.

SEWARD:  Is my personal life of interest to you?

RENFIELD:  Of course it is.  All life interests me.

SEWARD:  Your diet, Mr. Renfield, is disgusting!

RENFIELD:  Actually, they're perfectly nutritious.  You see,
each life that I ingest gives life to me.

SEWARD:  The fly gives you life?

RENFIELD:  Certainly.  (Renfield turns away from Seward)  But
you might as well ask a man to eat a molecule with a pair of
chopsticks than to interest me in lesser carnivora.

SEWARD:  I shall have to invent a new classification of the
lunatic for you.  What about spiders?  Spiders eat the flies.

RENFIELD:  Yes, spiders eat them.

SEWARD:  What about sparrows?

RENFIELD:  Oh, yes.  Did you say sparrows?

SEWARD:  Something larger perhaps?

RENFIELD:  Oh, yes, a kitten, I beg you, a little, sleek...a
playful kitten...something I can teach, something I can feed.
No one would refuse me a kitten.

SEWARD:  Wouldn't you prefer a cat?

RENFIELD:  Oh, yes, a big cat!  My salvation depends upon it!

SEWARD:  Your salvation?

RENFIELD:  I need lives.  I need lives for the Master.

SEWARD:  What Master?

RENFIELD:  The Master will come, and he has promised to make me


              Renfield suddenly attacks Dr. Seward
               Guards rush in to subdue Renfield

RENFIELD:  The blood is the life!



                    T R A N S Y L V A N I A

                         Castle Dracula
                      Harker's Bedchamber

JONATHAN HARKER'S JOURNAL, 3Oth May, Castle Dracula:  I think
strange things which I dare not confess to my own soul.  The
Count, the way he looked at Mina's picture fills me with dread
as if I have a part to play in a story that is not known to me.

        Harker shaves while looking into a small mirror
               Harker cuts himself with the razor
                         Enter Dracula

HARKER:  I didn't hear you come in.

DRACULA:  Take care how you cut yourself.  It is more dangerous
than you think.

                   Dracula breaks the mirror

DRACULA:  A foul bauble of man's vanity.  Perhaps you should
grow a beard.

     Dracula takes the razor, turns and licks off the blood

DRACULA:  The letters I requested...have you finished them?

               Harker hands Dracula three letters


                     Dracula shaves Harker

DRACULA:  Should you leave these rooms, you will not by any
chance go to sleep in any other part of the castle.  It is old
and has many bad memories.  Be warned.

HARKER:  I'm sure I understand.

          Dracula sees a crucifix around Harker's neck
                He snarls and pushes Harker away

DRACULA:  Do not put your faith in such trinkets of deceit!  We
are in Transylvania, and Transylvania is not England.  Our ways
are not your ways.  And, to you, there shall be many strange

HARKER:  I've seen many strange things already...bloody wolves
chasing me through some blue inferno!

   Harker peers out the window to see wolves in the courtyard
                           Wolf howl

DRACULA:  Listen to them, the children of the night.  What sweet
music they make.

HARKER:  Music?  Those animals?

                          Exit Dracula
                     Exit Dracula's shadow
                Harker peers outside the window
  to see Dracula crawling, like a reptile, up the castle wall

JONATHAN HARKER'S JOURNAL:  I did as Dracula instructed.  I
wrote three letters--to the firm, to my family, and to my
beloved Mina.  I said nothing of my fears as he will read them,
no doubt.  I know now that I am a prisoner.

                        LATER THAT NIGHT
                   Harker wanders the castle
                 He finds an unused bedchamber

VAMPIRESS:  Jonathan!  Jonathan, come to me!  Come!  Lay down,
lay back into my arms.  Lay back, Jonathan.

                Three vampiresses seduce Harker
                     They bite and suck him
                         Enter Dracula

DRACULA (translation):  How dare you touch him!  He belongs to

VAMPIRESS (translation):  You yourself never loved!

DRACULA (translation):  Yes, I too can love.  And I shall love

VAMPIRESS (translation):  Are we to have nothing tonight?

           Dracula gives the vampiresses a human baby

HARKER:  Noooooo!

DRACULA:  (Laughs)

                       SEVERAL DAYS LATER
                 In the crypt of Castle Dracula
   Harker watches gypsies loading boxes of earth onto wagons

JONATHAN HARKER'S JOURNAL:  The letters I have written have
undoubtedly sealed my doom.  The Count's gypsies, fearless
warriors who are loyal to the death to whatever nobleman they
serve, day and night they toil, filling boxes with decrepit
earth from the bowels of the castle.  They are to be delivered
to his newly acquired Carfax Abbey in London.  Why do they fill
these boxes with earth?


                          WEEKS LATER

                         E N G L A N D

                The Garden at Hillingham Estate
                      Mina reads a letter

is well here.  The Count has insisted I remain for a month to
tutor him in English custom.  I can say no more except I love
you.  Ever faithful, Jonathan.

                           Enter Lucy

LUCY:  I love him, I love him!  Oh, Mina.  It's so wonderful!
I've decided!  I love him, and I've said yes.

MINA:  Finally!  Don't tell me.  The Texan with the big knife?

LUCY:  Oh, no, to my dear number three--Lord Arthur Holmwood.
Lord and Lady Holmwood.  Would you want to be my maid of honor?
Say yes.

MINA:  (No answer)

LUCY:  Mina, what is it?  This is the most exciting day of my
life.  You don't seem to care.

MINA:  It's just that I'm so terribly worried about Jonathan.
This letter I received is so cold.  It's so unnatural.  It's not
like him at all.

LUCY:  Oh, Mina, don't worry.

                   A rainstorm suddenly hits

CAPTAIN'S LOG, THE DEMETER, 27th June:  We picked up 50 boxes of
experimental earth bound for London, England.  Set sail at noon
into a storm that seemed to come out of nowhere, carrying us out
to sea.

CAPTAIN'S LOG, THE DEMETER, 3rd July:  Second mate is gone
missing.  Nearing Gibraltar.  Storm continues.  Crew uneasy,
believes someone or something is aboard the ship with us.

                 Carfax District Lunatic Asylum
                   A storm rages over London
                  The patients are in a frenzy
               Dr. Seward in his office dictating

RENFIELD (screaming):  The Master of all life is at hand!
Gather round!  I am here to do your bidding, Master!  I have
worshipped you long and far off!  Now that you are near, Master,
I am your slave!  I await your command!

SEWARD:  The case of Renfield grows more interesting.  Yet there
is method in his madness, with his flies and spiders.  Had I the
secret of even one such brilliant mind, the key to the fantasy
of one lunatic.  (He injects himself with morphine)  Lucy!  Lucy!

                  The Demeter approaches land
         A wolf jumps to shore and runs down the street

                        LATE THAT NIGHT
                       Hillingham Estate
      Lucy sleepwalks out her bedroom door into the garden
       Mina attempts to follows her into the garden maze

MINA:  Lucy!  Lucy!  Lucy!  Lucy!  Lucy!

  Mina finds Lucy lying on bench near the family burial vault
       being raped and bitten by Dracula in wolfman form
                       Dracula sees Mina

DRACULA:  No!  Do not see me!

                       Mina runs to Lucy

MINA:  Lucy, Lucy!

LUCY:  I couldn't control myself.

MINA:  Lucy, you're dreaming.  You're walking in your sleep

LUCY (in extreme confusion and agitation):  My soul seemed to
leave my body.  There was this agonizing feeling and, when it
came back to me, I saw you shaking me.

MINA:  You're all right, Lucy.

LUCY:  I had to.  It sort of pulled me and lured me and I had no
control.  And those red eyes!  I still have the taste of his
blood on my mouth.

                          Carfax Abbey
            Large crates are delivered to the Abbey
         Renfield peers out the window of Carfax Asylum

RENFIELD:  Master, I am here to do your bidding.  Master, I am
here.  I have worshipped you!


       A young-looking Dracula rises from a box of earth

                       dated July 7, 1897

                     The Pall Mall Gazette
                     WOLF ESCAPES FROM ZOO

                           The Times
                   STRANGEST STORM ON RECORD

                          The Standard
                        MYSTERY SCHOONER
                          Crew Missing

                          EVENING 8 PM
                    In the streets of London
                Dracula walks along the sidewalk

CRIER:  See the amazing cinematograph!  A wonder of modern
civilization!  An amazing sensation....

                           Enter Mina
           Dracula sees Mina enter a pharmacist shop

DRACULA:  See me.  See me now.

NEWS HAWKER:  Escaped wolf from zoo still at large!  Paper, sir?
 (Dracula buys a paper)  Thank you, sir.

                    Mina exits the pharmacy
                    Dracula bumps into Mina

DRACULA:  My humblest apologies.  Forgive my ignorance.  I have
recently arrived from abroad and I do not know your city.  Is a
beautiful lady...

MINA:  You may purchase a street atlas for six pence.  Good day.

                        Mina turns away

DRACULA:  I have offended you.  I am only looking for the
cinematograph.  I understand it is a wonder of the civilized

MINA:  If you seek culture, then visit a museum.  London is
filled with them.  Excuse me.

                        Mina walks away
         She rounds a corner, and there stands Dracula

DRACULA:  A woman so lovely and intelligent should not be
walking the streets of London without her gentleman.

MINA:  Do I know you, sir?  Are you acquainted with my husband?
Shall I call the police?

DRACULA:  Husband?  I shall bother you no more.

                       Dracula turns away

MINA:  Sir, it is I who have been rude.  If you are looking...

DRACULA:  Please, permit me to introduce myself.  I am Prince
Vlad of Szekely.

MINA:  A prince, no less?

DRACULA:  I am your servant.

MINA:  Wilhelmina Murray.

DRACULA:  I am honored, Madame Mina.

MINA:  This way.

                 The Foyer at Hillingham Estate
                  The butler admits Dr. Seward

SEWARD:  Hello.  Mr. Holmwood asked me to stop by to see Miss

BUTLER:  Yes, sir.
                Butler leads Seward into parlour
         where Lucy is being fitted in her wedding gown

BUTLER:  Dr. Seward, Miss Lucy.

SEWARD:  Thank you.

LUCY:  Oh, Jack.  Brilliant Jack.  Do you like it?  (She twirls
in the dress)  Did Arthur put you up to this or did you want me
alone just once before I'm married?

SEWARD:  Miss Lucy, you are embarrassing me.  I am here as your
doctor.  Your fiance is very worried about you, and I assure you
a doctor's confidence is sacred.  I must have your complete

LUCY:  Help me, Jack.  I don't know what's happening to me.  I'm
changing.  I can feel it.  I can hear everything.  I hear the
servants at the other end of the house whispering.  I hear mice
in the attic stomping like elephants.  But I'm having horrible
nightmares, Jack.  The eyes!  Oh, Jack.

SEWARD:  I'm here, Lucy.  Nothing will harm you.

               Seward injects Lucy with morphine

LUCY:  Owww.

SEWARD:  Let it work.  Lucy.

LUCY:  Oh, Jack.  Kiss me.

              Seward gives Lucy a peck on the lips
       Outside, Morris and Holmwood ride up on horseback

MORRIS:  And may I say Miss Lucy is hotter than a June bride
riding bareback buck-naked in the middle of the...

HOLMWOOD:  I would watch my colonial tongue, if I were you.

                   They get off their horses
              Dr. Seward exits from the front door

HOLMWOOD:  Hello again.  And how is our lovely patient today?

SEWARD:  Well, frankly, Arthur, I'm confounded.

MORRIS:  Oh, Jack, are you still brooding over Miss Lucy?

SEWARD:  I can only conclude it must be something mental.

HOLMWOOD:  How very drole.  Did you hear that, Quince?  Last
week he wants to marry her, and now he wants to have her
committed.  Let's go have a look at her, shall we?

         Holmwood, Seward and Morris enter the parlour
                Lucy lies on the couch, wheezing

SEWARD:  I'm at a loss, I admit.  I've taken the liberty of
cabling Abraham Van Helsing, a metaphysician philosopher.

MORRIS:  Sounds like a goddam witchdoctor to me, Jack.

SEWARD:  Van Helsing knows more about obscure diseases than any
man in the world.  He's my teacher and mentor.

HOLMWOOD:  Do it, man.  Bring him here.  Spare no expense.

                Exit Seward, Morris and Holmwood

                    The London Cinematograph
             Dracula and Mina watch a cinematomovie

DRACULA:  Astounding!  There are no limits to science.

MINA:  How can you call this science?  Do you think Madame
Currie would invite such comparisons?  Really!  I shouldn't have
come here.  I must go.

                      Mina turns to leave
                  Dracula holds her by the arm

DRACULA:  Do not fear me.

  He steers her into a back room and makes her lie on a couch
                       He leans over her

MINA:  Stop this!  Stop this!

DRACULA:  (speaks in Romanian)

MINA:  God, who are you?  I know you!

DRACULA:  I have crossed oceans of time to find you.

     Dracula's vampire teeth elongate but he resists biting
                        Enter white wolf
             Cinematograph patrons scatter in fear
                      Wolf snarls at Mina

DRACULA:  (Calls to wolf in Romanian)  Come here, Mina.

                         Mina pets wolf

DRACULA:  He likes you.  There is much to be learned from beasts.

                        LATER THAT NIGHT
              The Front Gate at Hillingham Estate
                  Dracula's carriage drives up
      Mina exits carriage and reluctantly enters the gates

lose an hour.  A dear friend near death.  A disease of the blood
unknown to all medical theory.  I am in desparate need.  Jack

                          THE NEXT DAY
                A classroom at a Medical College
Dr. Abraham Van Helsing displays a vampire bat to medical

HELSING:              the vampire bat must consume 10 times its
own weight in fresh blood each day or its own blood cells will
die.  Cute little vermin, Ja?  Blood and the diseases of the
blood such as syphillis will concern us here.  The very name
'venereal diseases', the 'diseases of Venus', imputes to them
divine origin.  They are involved in that sex problem about
which the ethics and ideals of Christian civilization are
concerned.  In fact, civilization and syphillization have
advanced together.

                        Enter Assistant
              He hands an envelope to Van Helsing

HELSING:  What is this?

ASSISTANT:  It's from the telegraph, Professor.

                 Van Helsing reads the telegram

HELSING:  Hmm, thank you.  Gentlemen, thank you, that will be

                    T R A N S Y L V A N I A
                         Castle Dracula

JONATHAN HARKER'S JOURNAL:  Dawn.  These may be the last words I
write in this journal.  Dracula has left me with these women,
these devils of the pit.  They drain my blood to keep me weak,
barely alive so I cannot escape.  I will try one last time today
to escape to the water.  There must be passageway to the river
and then away from this cursed land where the devil and his
children still walk with earthly feet.

                         E N G L A N D

                          THAT EVENING
                       Hillingham Estate
      Dracula arrives at the patio doors to Lucy's bedroom
             Van Helsing arrives at the front door

FROM VAN HELSING'S NOTES:  For the record, I do attest that at
this point I Abraham Van Helsing became personally involved with
these strange events.

                          In the foyer
             Van Helsing is greeted by Jack Seward

SEWARD:  Professor Van Helsing, how good of you to come!

HELSING:  I always come to my friends in need when they call me.
 So, Jack, tell me everything about your case.

SEWARD:  She has all the usual physical anemic signs.


SEWARD:  Her blood analyzes normal and yet it is not.  She
manifests continued blood loss but I cannot trace the cause.

HELSING:  Blood loss? How?

LUCY:  (Screams)

          Van Helsing and Seward run to Lucy's bedroom
                     Exit Dracula's shadow

HELSING:  My God, close the door.

                 Seward closes the patio doors
                     Helsing examines Lucy

HELSING:  My God, she's only a child.  (He notices bites on
neck)  Ja, my God.  There's no time to be lost.  There must be a
transfusion at once.  Take off your coat.  You remember how to
tie a tourniquet, don't you, or have you forgotten?

SEWARD:  You've perfected a procedure?

HELSING:  Perfected, no.  I've only experimented        .
Animals, goats, sheeps.  If hemolysis occurs in the blood or the
serum, her red blood cells will explode.  She will die.  Here,
take this tube.

        Arthur Holmwood bursts through the bedroom door

HOLMWOOD:  What in God's name is going on up here?

SEWARD:  This is Professor Van Helsing, Art.

HOLMWOOD:  Well, what the hell is he doing to Lucy.?

SEWARD:  He's trying to save her life.

HOLMWOOD:  Good God.

HELSING:  You're the fiance?  Please, please, take off your
coat.  This young lady is very ill, she's dying, she wants
blood, and blood she must have.  Take off your coat.

SEWARD:  Roll up your sleeve, Arthur.

ARTHUR:  Oh, God.

HELSING:  Roll it up!

SEWARD:  This may hurt a little, Art.

     Seward inserts a needle into a vein in Holmwood's arm

HOLMWOOD:  OW!  Forgive me, sir.  My life is hers.  I would give
my last drop of blood to save her.

HELSING:  Your last drop?  Thank you, you are very welcomed
here.  I do not ask as much as that--not yet.

SEWARD:  Hold her hand.

        Seward inserts needle into a vein in Lucy's arm

                       LATER THAT EVENING
                         In the garden
               Enter Seward, Holmwood and Morris

HOLMWOOD:  But Jack, that poor creature has had the blood of two
men put into her already.

MORRIS:  Man alive, her whole body couldn't hold that much
blood.  What took it out?

                       Enter Van Helsing

HELSING:  That's a good question, Mr. Morris.

SEWARD:  Those marks on her throat.  No disease, no trituration,
I'm sure the blood loss occurred there.

HELSING:  Oh?  Where did the blood go?  You were once a careful
student, Jack.  Use your brain.  Where did the blood go, tell me.

SEWARD:  The bed clothes would be covered in blood.

HELSING:  Exactly.  You do not let your eyes see nor your ears
hear that which you cannot account for.

SEWARD:  Something just went up there, sucked it out of her, and
flew away, I suppose?

HELSING:  Ja, why not?

ARTHUR:  That's brilliant.  That's absolutely brilliant.  Will
one of you learned doctors, or whatever you are, kindly tell me
what is going on with my Lucy?

HELSING:  Jack, you are a scientist.  You do not think that
there are things in this universe which you cannot understand
and which are true--mesmerism, hypnotism...

SEWARD (turning away):  You and Charcot have proved hypnotism!

HELSING (his voice
fading):...telekinesis...materialization...astral bodies...

SEWARD:  Professor?

HOLMWOOD:  Where the hell did he go?


SEWARD:  I feel like a blundering novice.

HELSING:  Gentlemen, we're not fighting some disease here.
Those marks on your dear Miss Lucy's neck were made by something
unspeakable out there, dead but not dead.  It stalks us for some
dread purpose I do not yet comprehend.  To live, it feeds on
Lucy's precious blood.  It is a beast, a monster.

                         Lucy's bedroom
                          Lucy sleeps
                     Mina watches over her

MINA (to herself):  What is happening to Lucy and to me?  When I
was younger, my feelings were never troubled.  I wish I were
myself again, the sensible Mina I've always depended on.

                         EARLY EVENING
               At a private table in a restaurant
                 Dracula pours a drink for Mina

DRACULA:  Absinthe is the aphrodisiac of the soul.  The green
fury who lives in the absinthe wants your soul.  But you are
safe with me.

MINA:  Tell me, Prince, tell me of your home.

DRACULA:  The most beautiful place in all creation.

MINA:  Yes, it must be.  A land beyond a great, vast forest
surrounded by majestic mountains, lush vineyards, and flowers of
such frailty and beauty as to be found nowhere else.

DRACULA:  You describe my home as if you had seen it firsthand.

MINA:  It's your voice, perhaps.  It's so familiar.  It's like's like a voice in a dream I cannot place, and it comforts
me when I am alone.  And what of the princess?

DRACULA:  Princess?

MINA:  There is always a princess with gowns flowing white.  Her
face...her face is the river.  The princess, she is the river
filled with tears and with sadness and with heartbreak.

DRACULA:  There was a princess...Elisabeta.  She was the most
radiant woman in all the empires of the world.  Man's deceit
took her from her ancient prince.  She leapt to her death into
the river that you spoke of.  In my mother's tongue, it is
called "Artzeche (or Arges?)", River Princess.

                    T R A N S Y L V A N I A

                         Castle Dracula
        Harker climbs out a window, moves along a ledge
                and plunges into the river below
     He follows the river upstream and comes upon a convent

                       SEVERAL DAYS LATER
                         E N G L A N D

                       Hillingham Estate
               In the garden, Mina reads a letter

fiance is safe and in the care of the good sisters of the
blessed sacrement.  Mr. Harker believes your life is in extreme
danger, and he desires with all urgency that you join him here
so that you may immediately be married.  Yours with all
blessings, Sister Agatha.

MINA:  My sweet Prince.  Jonathan must never know of us.

         Mina runs up the stairs to Lucy's bedroom door

MINA:  Lucy!  Lucy!

             Van Helsing and Seward intercept Mina

HELSING:  Abraham Van Helsing.

MINA:  Dr. Van Helsing.

VAN HELSING:  You are Madam Mina, dear friend to our Lucy, Ja?

MINA:  How is she, doctor?

VAN HELSING:  She is still very weak.  She tells me of your
beloved Jonathan Harker and your worry for him.  Well, I too
worry for all young lovers.  (He holds her as if to dance)  La
de da da.  The darkness is not the Light, my child, and there
are Lights.  You are one of the Lights, dear Mina, the Light of
all Light.  Go now, see your friend.

               Mina and Seward enter Lucy's room
                        Lucy lies in bed

LUCY:  You look different, Mina, you look positively radiant.
You've heard from Jonathan, haven't you?

MINA:  Yes.  He's safe, Lucy.  He's in a convent in Romania.
He's suffering from a violent brain fever.  The good sisters are
caring for them.  They wrote to me and they say he needs me but
I won't go.  I'm not going to leave you.

LUCY:  Mina, you've got to go to him.  You've got to love him
and marry him right then and there.  And I want you to take
this, my sister.

             Lucy takes off a ring from her finger
                      and hands it to Mina

MINA:  No.

LUCY:  It's my wedding gift to you.

MINA:  No, Lucy, no.

LUCY:  Don't worry aout spoiled little Lucy.  I'll be all right.
 Tell Jonathan oceans of love.

                        Mina kisses Lucy
                      Enter Quincey Morris

MORRIS:  How is she?

             Mina places flowers on Lucy's bedtable

LUCY (begins to writhe and pull at garlic cloves tied around her
neck):  Oh, oh.  This is why I can't breathe!

HELSING (springs to Lucy's side):  Lucy, Lucy.  It's help you sleep, Lucy.  It's for the bad dreams.

LUCY:  It's garlic!  It's nothing but garlic.

SEWARD:  Lucy, Quincey's here.  Quincey's here to see you.  (To
Mina)  Tell Franz to get some brandy.

LUCY:  Oh, Quincey.

MORRIS:  Now, Miss Lucy, you just rest easy.  Arthur sent me to
take care of you.  He said if you don't get better right quick I
have to put you out of your misery like a lame horse.

LUCY:  Quincey, you're such a beast.  Will you kiss me, Quincey?
 Kiss me.

                   Morris bends to kiss Lucy
                     She bites at his neck
       Van Helsing pulls Morris away and holds Lucy down

MORRIS:  You old coot!

LUCY:  Get off me!

VAN HELSING:  Lucy, listen to me.  Sleep, sleep now, sleep.
There, there.  (He looks at the fangs in her gums)  Ja.

                      Van Helsing's study
            Van Helsing reads from the book Vampyre
HELSING:  "Here occurs the shocking and frightening history of
the wild berserker, Prince Dracula, how he impaled people and
roasted them, boiled their heads in a kettle, how he skinned
them alive and hacked them to pieces and then drank their
blood."  Ja, Dracul!  Her blood is the life.

                       In the restaurant
                 Dracula awaits Mina's arrival
                          Enter Waitor
                   He hands a note to Dracula

NOTE FROM MINA TO PRINCE VLAD:  My dearest Prince, forgive me.
I have received word from my fiance in Romania.  I am en route
to join him.  We are to be married.  I will never see you again.

DRACULA:  (Cries)

             On a boat crossing the English Channel
              Mina throws mementos into the ocean

MINA (to herself):  It's odd but I feel almost that my strange
friend is with me.  He speaks to me in my thoughts.  With him, I
felt more alive than ever I had.  And now, without him, soon to
be a bride, I feel confused and lost.  Perhaps, though I try to
be good, I am bad.  Perhaps I am a bad, inconstant woman.

                       In the restaurant

DRACULA (crying):  Winds!   Winds!

                      Van Helsing's Study
                   Winds blow out the candles

HELSING:  It is the cause.  It is the cause, my soul.  It is
Dracula, the undead, the foe I have pursued all my life.

              Helsing rushes to Hillingham Estate

HELSING:  Dracula!  Jack, hurry, I have much to tell you.

            Quincey Morris comes out the front door

HELSING:  Guard her well, Mr. Morris.  Do not fail here tonight.
 We are giving the forces beyond all human experience an
enormous power.  So guard her well, otherwise your precious Lucy
will become a bitch of the devil, a whore of darkness.

MORRIS:  Well you're a sick old buzzard!

HELSING:  Hear me out, young man.  Lucy is not a random victim
attacked by mere accident, do you understand?  No, she is the
willing recruit, a breathless follower, a wanton follower, I
dare say, a devoted disciple and the devil's concubine, do you
understand me?  Yet we may still save her precious soul but not
on an empty stomach.  Jack?

SEWARD (from a carriage):  Yes, sir.

HELSING:  I starve.  Feed me.

MORRIS:  You old coot!

         Van Helsing and Seward ride off in a carriage

                           THAT NIGHT

                 R O M A N I A / E N G L A N D

        A Church in Romania/Lucy's Bedroom at Hillingham

             Mina and Harker stand before the altar
    Dracula stands before the patio doors to Lucy's bedroom

DRACULA:  Your impotent men with their foolish spells cannot
protect you from my power.  I condemn you to living death, to
eternal hunger for living blood!

             Mina and Harker drink wine in marriage
            Dracula drinks Lucy's blood in marriage

                          THE NEXT DAY
                The Parlour at Hillingham Estate
                       Lucy lies in state
Relatives, friends, servants, Holmwood, Morris and Seward attend
                       Enter Van Helsing

HELSING:  Psst, Jack.  Jack, I know how deeply you loved her.
That is why you must trust me and believe.

SEWARD:  Believe, how can I believe?

HELSING:  I want you to bring me before nightfall a set of
postmortem knives.

SEWARD:  To autopsy Lucy?

HELSING:  No, no, not exactly.  I just want to cut off her head
and take out her heart.

                   Seward off away in disgust


                      SEVERAL WEEKS LATER

MINA MURRAY'S DIARY, 17th September:  Poor Jonathan, still so
ill.  He is cheered by the familiar streets of London.  For me,
now that Lucy is dead, it is a sad homecoming.  It's as if a
part of me is dead, too, except for the tiny hope that lives in
me that I will again see my Prince.  Is he here?  Now that I am
married, I begin to understand the nature of my feelings for my
strange friend who is always in my thoughts.

                Mina and Harker enter a carriage
                  Harker stares out the window

MINA:  Jonathan, what is it?

HARKER:  It is the man himself!  There, look!  He's grown young!

                    Harker points to Dracula
      but the carriage drives off before Mina can see him

                         LATE AT NIGHT
                          Lucy's Tomb
         Enter Van Helsing, Morris, Holmwood and Seward

HOLMWOOD:  Gentlemen, must we desecrate poor Lucy's grave?  She
died horribly enough.

HELSING:  If Miss Lucy is dead, no wrong can be done to her.
But if she's not dead, well...

HOLMWOOD:  What are you saying, man?  That she's been buried

HELSING:  No.  All I say is that she is undead.

HOLMWOOD:  Undead?  Oh, this is insane.

                   They hammer off the locks

HELSING:  Gentlemen, shall we?  1..2...3!

                They push the lid off the coffin
                          It is empty

HOLMWOOD:  Where is she?  Where is she!  What have you done with

HELSING:  She lives beyond the grace of God, a wanderer in the
outer darkness.  She is vampyre, Nosferatu.  These creatures do
not die like the bee after the first sting but instead grow
strong and become immortal once infected by another Nosferatu.
So, my friends, we fight not one beast but legions that go on
age after age after age, feeding on the blood of the living.

            Suddenly there is noise outside the tomb
                    They hear a child crying

HELSING:  Quickely, hide!  Hide, now!

                 Enter Lucy, carrying a toddler

HELSING:  Lucy!  Lucy!

                       Lucy sees Holmwood

LUCY:  Come to me, Arthur.  Leave these others and come to me.
I am so hungry for you, my darling.  Kiss me and caress me, my
darling husband, please!

                Van Helsing holds up a crucifix
                          Lucy recoils

HELSING:  We're strong in the Lord and in the power of His
might!  We're strong in the Lord and in the power of His might!
Our God is upon us.  We're strong in the Lord and in the power
of His might!  We're strong in the Lord and in the power of His

                   Lucy backs into her coffin

HELSING:  We're strong in the Lord and in the power of His
might!  Ex umbre se lucia.

               Lucy belches up a stream of blood

HELSING:  I bring you from shadow into light.  I cast you out,
the Prince of Darkness, into hell.  (He hands stake to Holmwood)
 A moment's courage and it is done.  Take the stake in your left
hand, place the point on the heart, and in God's name strike.
Do it now!

           Holmwood drives stake through Lucy's heart
                 Van Helsing cuts off her head

                        THE NEXT EVENING
                        In a restaurant
    Van Helsing, Mina and Harker dine together on roast beef

HELSING:  Eat.  Feast.  You need your strength for the dark days
ahead.  Mina.

MINA:  Doctor?


MINA:  How did Lucy die?  Was she in great pain?

HELSING:  Ja, she was in great pain.  Then we cut off her head
and drove a stake through her heart and burned it and then she
found peace.

HARKER:  Doctor!  Please!

HELSING:  So, Mr. Harker, I must now ask you as your doctor a
sensitive question.  During your infidelity with those
creatures, those demonic women, did you for one instant taste of
their blood?




HELSING:  Good!  Then you have not infected your blood with the
terrible disease that destroyed poor Lucy.

               Mina leans over and kisses Harker

HARKER:  Doctor, you must understand.  I doubted everything,
even my mind.  I was impotent with fear.

HELSING:  I know.

HARKER:  But, sir, I know where the bastard sleeps.  I brought
him there to Carfax Abbey.

HELSING:  Vampires do exist, and this one we fight, this one we
face, has the strength of 20 or more people, and you can testify
to that, Mr. Harker.

                          Carfax Abbey
     Van Helsing, Holmwood, Morris, Harker, Seward and dogs
                        prepare to enter

HELSING:  ...But he can also control the meaner things of
life--the bat, the rodent, the wolf.  He can appear as mist, as
vapor, as fog, and vanish at will.  Now, all these things
Dracula can do but he is not free.  He must rest in the sacred
dirt of his homeland to regain his evil power, and it is here
that you must find him and destroy him utterly.  Jack...

MINA:  I almost feel pity for anything so hunted as this count.

HARKER:  How can you pity such a creature?

SEWARD:  I'l take Mina to my quarters.  You'll be safer there.

HELSING:  Mr. Morris, your bullets will not harm him.  He must
be beheaded.  I suggest you use your big Bowie knife.

MORRIS:  Well, I wasn't planning on getting that close, doc.

             Renfield watches from his cell window
                 as the men enter Carfax Abbey

RENFIELD:  Master! Master! Master!

              Seward and Mina enter Carfax Asylum

RENFIELD:  Dr. Jack, I've been promised eternal life!

MINA:  Dr. Seward, who is that man?

SEWARD:  Mr. Renfield.  This is no place for you, Madam Mina.

MINA:  Renfield.  I must see him.

SEWARD:  Mr. Renfield, behave yourself.  This is Mrs. Harker.

RENFIELD:  Good evening.

MINA:  Good evening, Mr. Renfield.

RENFIELD:  It seems that I've been rather naughty.  I know you.
You're the bride my Master covets.

MINA:  I have a husband.  I am Mrs. Harker.

RENFIELD:  My Master tells me about you.

MINA:  What does he tell you?

RENFIELD:  That he's coming, that he's coming for you.  Oh,
please, don't stay here.  Get away from these men.  Please.  I
pray to God I may never see your sweet face again.  May the Lord
bless you and keep you.

                           Exit Mina

RENFIELD:  Master!  Master, you promised ME eternal life but you
give it to the pretty woman!  Doctor Jack.  I'm no lunatic man.
I'm a sane man fighting for his soul.

             Seward opens the door to his quarters
                       He and Mina enter

SEWARD:  My quarters are spare but I think you will find them
comfortable.  Water and toiletries at your disposal.  You'll be
completely safe here.

                        In Carfax Abbey

HELSING:  Destroy every box.  Sterilize the earth inside.  Leave
him no refuge.  Let the exorcism begin.

                   They break open the boxes
               Exit Dracula in the form of a bat

                         MOMENTS LATER
                Renfield's Cell at Carfax Asylum
            Enter Dracula in the form of green mist

DRACULA:  Renfield, you have betrayed me.

RENFIELD:  No.  No, Master.  No, I serve you.  I serve only you.

                     Dracula kills Renfield

                         MOMENTS LATER
               Seward's Quarters at Carfax Asylum
                  Enter Dracula as green mist
                 He crawls under the bedcovers
                          Mina awakens

MINA:  Yes, my love, you found me.

DRACULA:  My most precious life.

MINA:  I've wanted this to happen.  I know that now.  I want to
be with you always.

DRACULA:  You cannot know what you are saying.

MINA:  Yes, I do.  I feared I would never feel your touch again.
 I thought you were dead.

DRACULA:  There is no life in this body.

MINA:  But you live!  You live!  What are you?  I must know!
You must tell me!

DRACULA:  I am nothing, lifeless, soulless, hated and feared.  I
am dead to all the world...hear me!  I am the monster the
breathing men would kill.  I am Dracula.

                     Mina beats at Dracula

MINA:  No!  You murdered Lucy!  (She collapses in his arms)  I
love you.  Oh, God forgive me, I do.  I want to be what you are,
see what you see, love what you love.

DRACULA:  Mina, to walk with me, you must die to your breathing
life and be reborn to mine.

MINA:  You are my love and my life always.

DRACULA:  Then I give you life eternal, everlasting love, the
power over the storm and the beasts of the earth.  Walk with me
to be my loving wife forever.

MINA:  I will.  Yes, yes.

                    Dracula drinks from Mina
                  He opens a vein in his chest

DRACULA:  Mina!  Mina, drink and join me in eternal life.

                          Mina drinks
               Dracula suddenly pushes Mina away

DRACULA:  No, I cannot let this be.

MINA:  Please, I don't care.  Make me yours.

DRACULA:  You'll be cursed as I am and walk through the shadow
of death for all eternity.  I love you too much to condemn you.

MINA:  Then take me away from all this death!

                    Mina continues to drink
                      The door bursts open
     Enter Harker, Van Helsing, Morris, Holmwood and Seward

HARKER:  Mina!

     Van Helsing holds up a crucifix and begins an exorcism
           The crucifix catches fire and he drops it

DRACULA (in the form of a bat):  You think you can destroy me
with your idols, I who served the cross, I who commanded nations
hundreds of years before you.

HELSING:  Your armies were defeated.  You tortured and impaled
thousands of people!

DRACULA:  I was betrayed.  Look what your God has done to me!

HELSING:  No, your war with God is over.  You must pay for your

         Van Helsing sprinkles Dracula with holy water
                   and continues the exorcism

HELSING:  Christ compells you!

DRACULA:  She is now mine!


    Harker attempts to shoot Dracula but Mina grabs his arm

MINA:  No!

            Harker's shot hits Dracula in the chest
                Dracula backs into a dark corner

HELSING:  Lights, all lights!

            Dracula transposes into hundreds of rats
                 which scurry across the floor

MINA:  Unclean!  Unclean!

HELSING:  Get them.  Get them.  They must be found!

MINA:  Unclean!

                        LATER THAT NIGHT
                       Carfax Abbey burns
                  Van Helsing speaks with Mina

HELSING:  We have learned something much.  Draculea fears us.
He fears time for, if not, why does he hurry so?

MINA:  He is calm.

HELSING:  How do you know?

MINA:  He speaks to me.

HELSING:  He has a strong mind connection to you.  His heart was
strong enough to survive the grave.

MINA:  You admire him.

HELSING:  Ja.  He was in life a most remarkable man.  His mind
was great and powerful, but greater is the necessity to stamp
him out and destroy him utterly.

MINA:  Doctor?


MINA:  I know that I am becoming like him.

HELSING:  Your salvation is his destruction.  That is why I want
to hypnotize you.  I want you to help me find him, Mina.  Before
it is too late, please help me find him.  Please.  Look into
this light, the light of all light, into this flame.  Your eyes
are heavy.  You want to sleep.  Sleep now.  Sleep...

MINA:  He calls to me.

HELSING:  What do you hear?  What do you hear, child?  What do
you hear?

MINA:  My Prince is calling me.  He is traveling across icy seas
to his beloved home.  There he will grow strong again.  I am
coming to him to partake of his strength.


                       SEVERAL DAYS LATER

                    T R A N S Y L V A N I A
                           On a Train

JONATHAN HARKER'S DIARY, 28th October:  We left London by train
and crossed the English Channel that night in stormy seas, no
doubt from the passage of the Count's ship.  He commands the
winds.  But we still have the advantage.  By train, we can reach
the Romanian port at Varna in three days.  By ship, it will take
him at least a week.  From Paris, we traveled through the Alps
to Buda-Pesth.  The Count must sail around the rock of
Gibraltor, where we have posted a lookout, and then on to the
Black Sea port at Varna where we will meet his ship and burn it
into the sea.

     Mina, breathing hard, lies prostrate in her train seat

HELSING:  The vampire has baptized her with his own blood.  Her
blood is dying, my friend.  It's no use.

                    Harker sits next to Mina

HARKER:  I will not let you go to the unknown alone.

        Mina notices that Harker's hair has turned grey

MINA:  Oh, what have I done to you!

HARKER:  No, I have done this to both of us.

MINA:  He's coming closer.  He's calling me to him.

HARKER:  Mina!  Mina, stay with me, please.

MINA:  I'm so cold.

ABRAHAM VAN HELSING'S JOURNAL:  Holmwood received a wire from
his clerk at Lloyd's:  "The Count's ship sailed past us in the
night fog to the northern port of Galatz."  The black devil is
reading Mina's mind.

HOLMWOOD:  How can we catch him now?

HARKER (looking at a map):  Varna...Galatz.  It's about 200
miles.  I think that with the horses we can cut him off, reach
him before he reaches the castle.  I would dispatch Van Helsing
straight to Borgo Pass.  If we fail in our task, you will have
to finish him.

JONATHAN HARKER'S DIARY:  From Varna, Mina and Van Helsing took
a carriage, but we continued on the train towards Galatz where
we still hope to intercept the Count before he reaches land.  I
am fearful for Mina.  She is now our decoy.

                     SEVERAL EVENINGS LATER
                           Borgo Pass
            Enter Mina and Van Helsing in a carriage

MINA:  I know this place.

HELSING:  The end of the world

MINA:  We must go on.

HELSING:  It is late, child.  We must rest here now.

MINA:  No, we must go!


MINA:  He needs me.  We must go!

JONATHAN HARKER'S JOURNAL:  We are past Bistritza.  Dracula has
outsmarted us again.  We learned that his gypsies took charge of
the vampire's box at Galatz and are now on the Borgo Pass road.

       Mina and Van Helsing camp outside the castle walls

HELSING: must eat.

MINA:  I am not hungry.


                Mina begins to writhe and scream
                 Three vampiresses call to Mina
          Mina suddenly looks hungrily at Van Helsing

MINA:  You've been so good to me, Professor.  I know that Lucy
harbored secret desires for you.  She told me.  I too know what
men desire.

                   Mina and Van Helsing kiss

MINA:  Will you cut off my head and drive a stake through my
heart as you did poor Lucy, you murdering bastard?

               Mina attempts to bite Van Helsing

HELSING:  No!  Not while I live!  I've sworn to protect you!

   Van Helsing touches a consecrated host to Mina's forehead
                     It burns her forehead
            The vampiresses continue to call to Mina

HELSING:  No!  We're safe within the circle.  I lost Lucy, I
will not lose you to him.  Whores of Satan, this is holy ground!
 Leave this place now!  Leave this ground.  I command you, in
the name of Christ.

           The vampiresses attack and kill the horses

HELSING:  No!  No!  No!  Damn you!

                        THE NEXT MORNING
                  The Crypt at Castle Dracula
Van Helsing finds the three vampiresses asleep on their coffins,
       cuts off their heads and throws them in the river

           The gypsy wagon approaches Castle Dracula

DRACULA (in his box of earth):  Mina!  You and me!

MINA:  My love.

              Harker, Holmwood, Morris and Seward
                  race behind the gypsy wagon

HELSING:  They're racing against the sunset.  It may be too
late, God help us!


SEWARD:  Charge!

    As Seward, Harker, Morris and Holmwood charge the wagon,
                  Mina calls up the blue flame
  The gypsy wagon and its followers enter the castle courtyard
                      The sun sinks lower
                A gypsy stabs Morris in the back
             Harker attempts to open Dracula's box
                          The sun sets
                 Dracula breaks out of his box
                  Harker slits Dracula's neck

HOLMWOOD:  Quincey!

    Morris leaps forward and stabs Dracula through the heart

MINA:  No!

       Holmwood and Harker race forward to finish Dracula


MINA:  When my time comes, will you do the same to me?  Will you?


               Holmwood again advances on Dracula

HARKER:  No, no wait.  Let them go, let them go.  Our work is
finished here.  Hers is just begun.

                  Van Helsing turns to Morris
                 being tended to by Dr. Seward

HELSING:  Quincey.

                          Morris dies

HELSING:  We've all become God's madmen, all of us.

                  Harker's hair is black again

                      In the castle chapel
                Dracula lies on the floor, dying
                    Mina kneels next to him

DRACULA:  Where is my God?  He has forsaken me.  It is finished.

MINA:  Oh, my love!  (She kisses him)  My love!

MINA HARKER'S DIARY:  There, in the presence of God, I
understood at last how my love could release us all from the
powers of darkness.  Our love is stronger than death.

DRACULA:  Give me peace.

         Mina pushes the sword through Dracula's heart
              The burn on her forehead disappears
                          Dracula dies
                    Mina kisses him goodbye,
                     then cuts off his head

                            THE END